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The Phoenix Taekwondo story began in 1996, founded by twin brothers Chris and Russell Pearson now 6th Dan Master grade and 5th Dan Master grade, with over 35 years experience of many forms of Taekwondo and other martial arts between them, our instructors philosophy is to pass on to our students all the different aspects that Taekwondo has to offer and to allow our students to choose how involved they wish to become and to which aspects they wish to apply themselves. Want to know more ? Come and try our classes.

Phoenix Taekwondo Class

Instructors Qualified and Considerate Instructors

We literally have a family of qualified instructors! Instructors Dr Chris Pearson and Dr Russell Pearson are also supported by our female instructors Dr Eunmi Pearson (4th Dan Black Belt) and Ms Juliette Pearson (2nd Dan Black Belt). Chris, Russell and Eunmi are all Taekwondo instructors and referees. Eunmi is our Korean language expert keeping in touch with what is happening in Korea - the heart of Taekwondo. Moreover, Chris has graduated from the prestigious International Instructors Course in Korea. In 2012, the Phoenix Taekwondo club was awarded a prize of Olympic signed memorabilia by the National Taekwondo governing body for being the fastest growing club in the U.K.! Aside from their Taekwondo success, our Black Belt instructors have also excelled academically, achieving 1st Class degrees in Astrophysics, Mathematics, Literature respectively and Doctorates in Cosmology and Literature/Pedagogy at University. All our instructors are parents themselves and understand the positive effect learning Taekwondo can have on children.

The Bigger Picture Peace of Mind

Although Phoenix Taekwondo is a family run club, we are not small and are one of only a dozen '100 Member' clubs recognised in the U.K. Phoenix Taekwondo is affiliated to World Taekwondo (W.T.) and British Taekwondo which was the only official governing body for Taekwondo at the 2012 London Olympics. The BT is a member of W.T., British Olympic Association (BOA), the European Taekwondo (ETU) and recognized by UK Sport, the government agency for High Performance Sport. All our certification is officially recognized by the Taekwondo world headquarters in Korea – The Kukkiwon. All our Black Belt certificates are directly issued from The Kukkiwon. In addition Phoenix Taekwondo enjoys ties with sister clubs in both Korea and Japan.

Phoenix Dragons Class

International Atmosphere Phoenix Taekwondo Overseas

Our club has a definite international flavour. Before arriving in Didcot, Phoenix Taekwondo ran a large class at its London Greenwich venue. Phoenix TKD also enjoyed international success with its Taekwondo school in Tokyo Japan. We also maintain links with a sister club in South Korea.

Enjoyment The Secret to Learning

Students at Phoenix learn in a disciplined environment but the instructors recognize the importance of making Taekwondo fun and feel that humour and laughter has a definite place during training. If a student is not enjoying what they are learning it will not be long before they no longer wish to learn.

Achieving Students Success Stories

Our club has trained many students Black Belt level or above. Members of the club have also achieved success in tournaments both in Great Britain and abroad.

Enquire about our Club See What it is all About

We are always happy to answer questions or discuss matters with an open policy. Please feel free to approach us at the class. Alternatively by phone or by E-mail: no matter is too trivial.

Phoenix Taekwondo

Learn Taekwondo, the Korean art of self defence from expert and friendly instructors with the U.K.s fastest growing Olympic recognized club.


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