Taekwondo Sparring Self Defence and Sport

The best self defence technique is to avoid a bad situation. However, one of the big reasons we practice Martial Arts is to learn how to defend ourselves as a last resort when you are in real danger. When you have no choice but to defend yourself, techniques learned and practiced in your Taekwondo club can make all the difference. Although you can practice your Taekwondo up and down the Dojang a thousand times, there is no real substitute for working with a partner to really put the Taekwondo you have learned to the test. Now is the time to put together your basic techniques of blocks, kicks and punches into combinations. These combinations can be practiced with a partner in "set sparring" i.e. in a controlled environment. Ultimately, we may want to challenge ourselves further in Taekwondo free sparring both inside the class and in sport competitions.
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Free Sparring allows us to practice Taekwondo in a sports environment trying to score points on your opponent with kicks and punches. This is Taekwondo as we see it at the Olympics!


One-for-One Kick Sparring prepares us for Free Sparring, teaching us distance and timing in our kicks. One-for-One Sparring is no-contact and is a great way to practice our accuracy and speed in our kicking techniques.


Three Step Sparring is a basic form of set sparring with a partner and comprises of moving in sets of 3 steps. Three step sparring improves your stances, blocks and punches in a more realistic environment.


One Step Sparring is an advanced form of set sparring with a partner. Everything happens faster, with less warning and counter attacks can include kicking and advanced techniques including take downs.

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