Phoenix Taekwondo

Our classes for adults concentrate on Self-Defence and fitness through Taekwondo. We have a fair proportion of women and men practicing at Phoenix Taekwondo with both female and male instructors so come and join the fun!

Every Friday

Willowbrook Leisure Centre
(Ladygrove Estate),
Bowmont water,
Didcot, OX11 7AF

Seniors classes for adults

Senior (Adult) Classes
Every Friday 8:10-9:10 p.m.
Willowbrook Leisure Centre (Ladygrove Estate), Bowmont water, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 7AF

Senior Classes

Taekwondo is a fantastic activity for adults as well as children. If your aim is learning Self-Defence for todays age, general fitness and stamina or if you just want to take part in a fun activity and meet new people, Phoenix Taekwondo has something to offer everyone! In the Phoenix Taekwondo adults class we emphasise that students move at their own pace since we all have different motivations for learning a martial art and we recognise that we all have day jobs to go to the next morning!

Modern self-defence for the modern age

Find out more at Phoenix Taekwondo.
Senior Class

Some martial arts teach some great but very complex techniques, that take an age to master to be able to use effectively. Conversely, Taekwondo techniques are direct, simple and very powerful. The simplest self defence can be taught in your very first Taekwondo lesson and you will leave the training hall already one step further than when you entered! All techniques are taught and explained by our instructors under careful supervision.

Taekwondo emphasises technique rather than strength and thus is ideal for those of small stature. Taekwondo is particularly advantageous for women who are often smaller than their assailent where strength and power are not as important as correct technique and thus one can defend oneself even against a larger opponent. Our classes have a good mix of both women and men training together in a great atmosphere of teamwork.

Taekwondo equally for women and men.

Senior Class

Regular gradings for new belts are provided and all our grades are nationally recognised and grading certificates are officially issued by the National Governing body for Taekwondo in the U.K. “British Taekwondo” and endorsed by the World Taekwondo Federation.

We hope you will let us help you begin your journey in Taekwondo and ultimately obtain your Black Belt.

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Phoenix Taekwondo

Learn Taekwondo, the Korean art of self defence from expert and friendly instructors with the U.K.s fastest growing Olympic recognized club.


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