ELEMENTS Phoenix Taekwondo Stageshow 2022


Celebrating 25 years of Phoenix Taekwondo

The Phoenix Taekwondo story started in 1996 - thats 25 years ago! The 2021-2022 term marks a trio of anniversary years for us!

  • 35 years since some of us beginning the Taekwondo journey ourselves!
  • 25 years since the creation of the Phoenix Taekwondo club itself!
  • 10 years since your own Phoenix Taekwondo kicked off in Didcot!
Over the last decade we have enjoyed seeing Phoenix Taekwondo grow from a handful of students, through being the fastest growing Taekwondo school in the entire country, national medal winners, first Black Belts, to being recognised by the national body as one of only a dozen or so "100 member" clubs in the country! To celebrate this grand alignment of anniversaries, we are planning a big Taekwondo showcase extravaganza in 2022 on Saturday 14th May. The Stage Show is known as "ELEMENTS" and will be held at the Amey Theatre, Abingdon, a spectacular venue with professional auditorium, lighting and sound! ELEMENTS has something for everyone, no matter your age, grade, experience, whether you are interested in spectacular demonstrations, funky Taekwondo dance, wood destruction, sparring or just want to show off your Taekwondo skills and have a good time in general!

The date: Saturday 14th May 2022

The venue: Amey Theatre Abingdon (in Abingdon Boys School)

Visit the Amey Theatre Box Office

The show: 18:30-20:00

Raising money for the Be Free Young Carers charity

Watch the Original Trailer


All the proceeds from our show will go to the local Oxfordshire charity: Be Free Young Carers - supporting the lives and well-being of young carers in Oxfordshire. The hire of the theatre and all other production costs will be covered by Phoenix Taekwondo. Please do help us support this worthy charity by joining Phoenix Taekwondo for the Elements Stage Show on Saturday 14th May!

Phoenix Taekwondo

Learn Taekwondo, the Korean art of self defence from expert and friendly instructors with the U.K.s fastest growing Olympic recognized club.


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