Little Dragons

Little Dragons is our flagship class for the younger (ages 5-7) generation in Taekwondo! Supported by our mascot the Little Dragon Tae-Yong meaning Kicking Dragon! Classes are shorter and fun but unlike some other clubs we are still focussed on developing a solid foundation in Taekwondo from an early age.

Every Friday

Willowbrook Leisure Centre
(Ladygrove Estate),
Bowmont water,
Didcot, OX11 7AF

Little Dragons Kicking

Little Dragons ages 5-7

Little Dragons Classes Ages 5-7
Every Friday 6:00-6:30 p.m.
Willowbrook Leisure Centre (Ladygrove Estate), Bowmont water, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 7AF

Little Dragons Class

Little Dragons is Phoenix Taekwondo’s classes for the next generation of Taekwondo students. The classes are aimed at 5 – 7 year olds, girls and boys and provide an introduction to Taekwondo through a series of fun activities. Children not only learn the basics of Taekwondo in preparation for when they are old enough to join the regular junior class but also benefit from increased confidence, strength, flexibility, discipline and team working skills. As the children progress through Little Dragons, they will also have the chance to gain Little Dragons Belts and Grades, giving them something to aim for, while at the same time not putting them under too much pressure at such an early age. Who knows, among these budding future Black Belts, there may be an aspiring Olympian !

Physical and Social development in a structured but fun environment

Little Dragons Class

The Little Dragons classes are kept as straightforward as possible, with the student uniform simply being one of our special Little Dragons T-shirts featuring our Phoenix Taekwondo character Tae-Yong, the Little Dragon! However, our Little Dragons still have all the opportunities that our mainstream older Junior class has, including grading assessments and the chance to perform in large public demonstrations to show off their Taekwondo skills !

The benefits children acquire from practicing Taekwondo from an early age are immense. Naturally there is the fitness through participation in a sport. However the positive influence of Taekwondo on our children is much more far-reaching. The self-confidence and the respect children acquire from Taekwondo percolates through to their other activities, schoolwork and social interactivity. There is also the discipline and focus aspect that younger children can gain through practicing Taekwondo. Our vision at Phoenix Taekwondo is to install a confidence and focus into our young students which will aid them in their ambitions and dreams in later life. In our Little Dragons classes, this is achieved by a structured but fun progression through our Little Dragons martial arts belts system. Little Dragons Class

Little Dragons means Fitness, Team Building, Motor Skills, Discipline, Respect and a whole lot of Fun !

Through our Little Dragons classes the younger children will acquire not only improved physical skills such as flexibility, motor-control, balance and self awareness but also better concentration, focus and a real sense of self-achievement with what they are able to fulfill. Combining all this with the fact that Phoenix Taekwondo is a family run club where all the instructors have children themselves and understand the needs and worries of parents, results in Phoenix Taekwondo providing a great jump-start for Children in their young lives!Little Dragons Graduation

The success of our Little Dragons classes can be measured by the successful graduation of our youngsters from the Little Dragons class to our older mainstream Junior Class. Our retention and continuation level is 8 times the national average for Taekwondo clubs! Preparation through our Little Dragons classes allows the youngsters to hit the ground running in the more advanced and older Junior Class.

As our Little Dragons approach 8 years old, depending on training time, maturity and belt level, they will graduate to the older Junior class. At this time they receive a special Little Dragons Graduation Badge that they can wear proudly on their full Taekwondo uniform in the Junior Class

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