Advanced Juniors

Our Advanced Junior Beginners classes are the next step up in Taekwondo where our students require more specialised teaching as they aim for their Black Belts in the future.

Every Friday
7:25-8:15 p.m.

Every Wednesday
7:10-8:00 p.m.

Didcot Girls School,
(in the school gym),
Manor Crescent
Didcot, OX11 7AJ

Advanced Juniors ages 8+

Advanced Junior Classes Ages 8+
Every Friday 7:25-8:15 p.m.
Every Wednesday 7:10-8:00 p.m.
Didcot Girls School (in the school gym), Manor Crescent, Didcot, Oxfordshire, OX11 7AJ

Advanced Juniors

Our Junior Beginner classes are a fantastic entrance into Taekwondo providing a strong foundation in basic techniques. As your child rises through the Taekwondo belts towards the intermediate Taekwondo grades they will graduate to our Advanced Junior class. The Advanced Junior classes expect more from our students as we are setting our sights on and preparing for their Black Belts in the future! Consequently the techniques that are taught are more challenging and the children benefit greatly from the more advanced level in these classes.

Etiquette, Modesty, Perseverance, Self-Control, Indomitable Spirit

Passing on the 5 core tenets of Taekwondo to the next generation.
Advanced Juniors

Our Advanced Juniors are the leaders of our Phoenix Taekwondo Club and often take lead roles in our public demonstrations performing awe inspiring high kicks and flying kicks for which Taekwondo is world renowned.

Regular gradings for new belts are provided and all our grades are nationally recognised and grading certificates are officially issued by the National Governing body for Taekwondo in the U.K. “British Taekwondo” and endorsed by the World Taekwondo Federation. The ultimate aim for our advanced junior students is to take them all the way to their Black Belts. It can take anywhere from 3 - 6 years for children to reach the appropriate level to attempt their Black Belt but there is no rush, since the final examinations are taken at a national grading event with participants from all over the British Isles.

Setting your sights on your Black Belt!

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