Basic Taekwondo Techniques Blocks, Punches and Kicks

A typical Taekwondo class usually starts with practicing the basic techniques.
Remember it is important to Warm Up and Stretch before attempting Taekwondo techniques.
Taekwondo is an extremely effective form of self-defence built from many basic hand techniques to both block an opponents attack and also to deliver a counter strike, and of course Taekwondo is world famous for its kicking techniques.
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Stances are the foundations or basic building blocks of Taekwondo. The core strength for all the kicks, blocks and strikes within Taekwondo comes directly from a strong stance.


Taekwondo has practical hand techniques used for blocking attacks from different directions, angles and heights. If you cannot block an attack it means you cannot defend yourself.


Although most famous for its kicks, Taekwondo also provides a strong and practical foundation in striking techniques with the hands, similar to Karate.


Taekwondo is famous world wide for both its practical and its spectacular kicking techniques. This is what makes Taekwondo different from other martial arts.

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