Poomsae Taekwondo Patterns

Taekwondo patterns (Poomsae in Korean or Kata for martial arts like Karate) are a sequence of Taekwondo techniques linked together into a pattern of moves. Patterns are often used for basic training purposes in Taekwondo to refine techniques and movements and are designed to build and consolidate your skills. The patterns include most of the techniques you will find in Taekwondo and each step in the pattern should be performed as if you are dealing with an attacker. They are also used as the primary method to grade students progression through the ranks of Taekwondo.
There are 8 Taekwondo patterns that are used to grade students to Black Belt, These are known as the Taegeuks.
Individual Taekwondo patterns are also required for each Black Belt level Dan Grade.


The Taegeuks Taekwondo Training Patterns up to Black Belt

poomsae taegeuks The Taegeuks are the basic training patterns for Taekwondo, designed to build and consolidate your Taekwondo from beginners and finally in preparation for your Black Belt Grading. There are a total of 8 Taegeuk patterns, each one increasing in complexity. The Taegeuks are numbered from 1 to 8 in Korean as il, ii, sam, sa, oh, yook, chil, pal.
Basic stances, blocks and kicks are introduced in the patterns Taegeuk 1 - 3. Taegeuks 4 and 5 are aimed at the intermediate grades in Taekwondo. Taegeuks 6 and 7 at advanced grades. Finally Taegeuk 8 is required for the Black Belt grading examination. At Phoenix Taekwondo we realise that Taekwondo patterns can be challenging so we take the time and effort to consolidate the first Taegeuk over the beginner grades before moving on to the more complex Taegeuks.

Phoenix Taekwondo provides instruction videos and step-by-step guides for all the Taegeuks from 1 to 8 through the links below;

Although the Taegeuks provide modern and practical training in Taekwondo, their interpretation and meaning are rooted in ancient far-eastern philosophy:

Dan Grade Poomsae Taekwondo Training Patterns for Black Belts

The Black Belt Patterns are the next step after the 8 Taegeuk Patterns. These patterns are more complex and each one follows a different style and has its own specific meaning. There is a significant jump in both the physical and mental effort that must be applied between the Taegeuk Patterns and the Black Belt Patterns.

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